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Biryani Central Menu - Biryani Central - Vasant Kunj New Delhi

Biryani Central Menu

Veg Curries

Aloo Khada Masala   ₹295

A common but by no means generic dish, Aloo Khada Masla is perfect company to any dish.

Lal Mirch ka Aloo   ₹295

Prepared with is spicy potatoes in freshly ground spices, Lal Mirch ka Aloo is a delight for your taste buds.

Dal Tadka   ₹295

One of the most popular dishes in India, it’s a smooth & velvety flavoured lentil (dal) tempered in signature Indian spices.

Mirchi Baigan Ka Salan   ₹325

Chef’s Signature. A forte from Hyderabad, it’s a tangy, spicy & zingful aubergine recipe prep

Dal Bukhari   ₹325

Chef’s Signature. A black lentil speciality of Awadh, it was conceived to melt in your mouth. This dish is made by slow cooking urad dal into a creamy concoction with tomato puree, butter & cream.

Kadhai Paneer   ₹425

A highly popular dish, it gets its name from the traditional iron wok (kadhai) in which its cooked. Savour the concoction of rich onion & tomato cooked into a creamy gravy.

Paneer Makhani   ₹425

A delightful rich gravy created with paneer chunks cooked in a base of butter, tomatoes & cashews.

Lahsooni Palak Paneer   ₹425

Chef’s Signature. Adjunct your diet with more nutritional value with this healthy and tempting palak paneer recipe. A spinach dish cooked to perfection with chunks of paneer with a hint of garlic.