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Biryani Central Menu - Biryani Central - Vasant Kunj New Delhi

Biryani Central Menu

Non-Veg Curries

Chicken Curry   ₹445

A traditional recipe that uses lean chicken pieces slow-cooked in a delicious blend of signature aromatic spices.

Murgh Makhani   ₹445

A match made in heaven, this dish combines the zest of grilled chicken pieces with a buttery spiced tomato gravy.

Tadka Murgh   ₹445

This recipe gets the appetite going for everyone with its luscious rustic flavours. Savour succulent chicken pieces tempered in freshly ground homespun spices.

Murgh Aloo Korma   ₹445

A mildly spiced creamy yoghurt sauce spiked with zesty coconut & almond paste in a melange of chicken & potatoes.

Keema Kaleji   ₹495

Chef’s Signature. A truly gastronomical delight created by the nawabs of Awadh, this recipe exhibits the delectable combination of minced mutton slow cooked along with liver (kaleji) chunks and freshly ground spices.

Mutton Curry   ₹525

Delight your taste buds with delicious & tender chunks of lamb meat in a savoury spiced onion-tomato gravy.

Mutton Korma   ₹525

The ultimate delight prepared by slow cooking mutton in yoghurt, whole spices, and a nutty paste to deliver a rich and creamy delicacy.

Hyderabadi Nehari   ₹545

Chef’s Signature. Savour this unique nawabi recipe high in flavour and rich taste. A blend of goat meat & trotters into a brothy curry brewed in signature spices.

Haleem   ₹650

Chef’s Signature. A hidden gem, this recipe is a hallmark dish for us. A delightful stew of grains & meat in whole spices slow cooked to perfection is a wholesome recipe garnished with fried onions, mint and lemon wedges.