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Biryani Central Menu - Biryani Central - Vasant Kunj New Delhi

Biryani Central Menu

Non-Veg Lunch

Awadhi Murgh Biryani [250 gm]   ₹275

Chef’s Signature. An ethereal indulgence from the city of nawabs, relish this original recipe made with succulent morsels of spring chicken and basmati rice delicately flavoured with herbs and perfumed with attar. Finished on dum.

Hyderabadi Murgh Biryani [250 gm]   ₹275

Soaked in earthy tangs and charred flavours, this dish was formulated to linger in your thoughts forever. Succulent chicken is marinated overnight in yoghurt, fresh green mint and our signature biryani blend with basmati rice. Finished on dum.

Bohri Murgh Masala Biryani [250 gm]   ₹275

A tangy marination of spring chicken, dry plums, apricot, baby potatoes cooked with basmati rice along with our signature biryani blend. Finished on dum.

Calcutta Egg Biryani [250 gm]   ₹245

A legendary preparation from the bustling streets of Kolkata. Subtle on spices, rich in flavour, embellished with perfectly cooked deep-fried eggs & potatoes. Finished on dum.